Uber Lack of Interest or Accoundability

Earlier today I got to know that one of my friends had been defrauded by Uber in exactly the same manner that my wife was some 2 weeks ago.  Since they never reacted to the email I send at the time, I decided to give their Facebook page a shot:

Well, both my wife and I did exactly that – and while Uber did refund the money after 3-4 working days, they did not respond to my request for clarification.

The discussion at Facebook went on:

Ok, it is becoming obvious by now that Uber is using some kind of “bot” to reply on facebook and that it is all canned responses.  It is somewhat mind boggling that with 11000+ employees, none of them can take this serious.  Unauthorized credit card charges is theft – no more, no less and – well – they aught to take that very serious.

Ok, I’ve had enough of the canned responses and obviously there was no email from Uber, nor any phone call as promised by their bot.  But I guess their facebook bot is about as accountable as Uber themselves.

Since Uber refuse to respond on Facebook or indeed anywhere else let me use this opportunity to request that Uber answer the following questions in public:

  1. How exactly is it possible for an Uber driver to charge RM 200+ for a ride that took less than 3 minutes.
  2. How exactly is it possible for an Uber driver to charge a rider that was never in his car and without him being anywhere near the listed destination.
  3. The two incidents documented on this web site took place more than 2 weeks apart.  What exactly is Uber doing to prevent this from ever happening again.
  4. Why is it not possible to remove a Payment method from your web site?  I have lost all trust in Uber and I do NOT want my credit card details in your system any longer.

Uber is of course welcome to respond here, although I doubt they will.  They seem quite eager to ignore this as much as possible.

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